Pilots of Appareo: Zach Peterson

One of the secrets behind how we create great aviation products for pilots is this: many of us are pilots ourselves! While only 0.5% of the U.S. population has a pilot’s license, more than 5% of Appareo employees do. That’s 10 times the national average!

Collectively, our pilots log hundreds of flight hours in their free time. Let us introduce you to one now: Zach Peterson, Aviation Sales Manager

Zach’s love for aviation started from his father. “My father is a CFI and has been flying for over 50 years. He continues to be my CFI to this day,” Zach said.

The biggest thing Zach loves about his job is that he and his team are all pilots. “We share a love for flying and get to serve and be involved in the aviation community every day. What’s not to love?”

Zach says this about the key to Appareo’s success:

“The passion, commitment, and raw talent within Appareo is unlike anything I’ve encountered before. Being a part of that is not only a privilege but something I look forward to every morning. I believe this is a common sentiment throughout the company, and it is the driving force that propels us forward as an organization.”

When asked about the future of Appareo, Zach said, “What excites me most is that Appareo’s future is not limited or constrained. As a company, we are flexible and dynamic in a way that allows us to visualize a future that is not bound by the technology available today, but instead to focus on how we can make new technology a reality.”

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