Our 15-year Anniversary Celebration

This year is an important milestone for Appareo as we celebrate our 15th anniversary.

At the August company meeting, our founder Barry Batchellor shared his TEDx presentation about the Future of the Red River Valley. Barry also highlighted stories from our founding and explained how Appareo is wired for success.

Just as Appareo was founded in Barry’s garage 15 years ago, “Great companies can develop in unlikely and challenging places.”

David Batcheller, our CEO and Barry’s son, recognized Barry for his outstanding leadership and mentorship at Appareo:

Barry see’s things in a way that a normal, logical, straightforward engineer doesn’t. He sees things differently and has changed the way I see the world.” – Bob W.

“Barry is a great businessman and engineer. He digs into your project and what you’re working on. Even though you may not always see eye to eye, you’re so lucky to have his guidance.”  – Adam R.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity to work here, largely in part to Barry. Barry is a great mentor and coach, he knows and believes in all of us.” – Pete N.

Our celebration reached it’s climax later that afternoon at Appareo. At the Annual Summer Picnic, we gathered with our families to celebrate the end of summer and our 15-year anniversary, complete with Famous Dave’s BBQ and “Minute to Win It”games.

We are incredibly grateful to celebrate this milestone with such a wonderful team!