Four Reasons to Use AeroData in Your Flight Operations

Garmin announced the acquisition of AeroData, a leading provider of performance data solutions and services for commercial aircraft, in May 2021. With AeroData, operators benefit from countless features that make daily operations more seamless and help flights run safely and on time. And while the list is hard to narrow down, below are just a few of our favorite things about AeroData’s solutions.

1. Precision

With more than 30 years of experience, AeroData offers precise and accurate performance data to more than 70% of all airline flights in North America each day. Runway-specific departure engine failure procedures (EFPs) demonstrate obstacle clearance limits in an engine-out scenario for your specific aircraft airframe and engine model.

In addition to aircraft-specific EFPs, AeroData provides takeoff, en route and landing performance data; weight and balance; dvanced automated passenger and cargo load planning services, as well as many other integrated software solutions.

With AeroData, operators and crews have ultimate flexibility when conditions change quickly — contaminated runways, a sudden runway change, shifting winds, unexpected precipitation, and many more factors can drastically affect takeoff and landing performance data. Using AeroData, crews can quickly assess an intersection takeoff, alternate runway or account for changing containmated runway conditions — generally without the need to rerun calculations, easing cockpit workload and reducing dispatch displays.

2. Customization

Customer-defined parameters within AeroData provide ultimate flexibility and allow customers to tailor solutions to their engine/airframe combinations and operations. Because AeroData works with major airframe manufacturers, including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer, and most major flight planning systems, we can provide detailed performance data to any fleet and mix.

3. Ease of Use

Easily access performance data via an aircraft communication addressing and and reporting system (ACARS) connection. No ACARS? No problem. AeroData has multiple delivery methods, including a connected tablet option as well as a web-based platform to ensure important performance data is never far away. In addition, the AeroData performance solution offers primary delivery of performance data, as well as a backup service to help ensure flights are being dispatched consistently and on time. To provide an enhanced experience to the more than 135 airlines AeroData serves globally, the NOTAM and flight path analysis teams are available around the clock to help with any concerns.

4. Price

AeroData utilizes a shared cost model to ensure airlines both large and small can access the benefits of a real-time, connected performance data solution. The per-departure fee pricing allows operators greater budget accuracy and doesn’t penalize the airline during contractions. In addition, our vertical integration lowers setup fees and helps get your operation in the air even quicker.

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