Supported Instruments

Mechanical and Pneumatic Instruments

Altimeters, Standard
Altimeters, Encoding
Altimeters, Counter-Drum
Altimeters, Servoed
Altimeters, Blind Encoders
Altimeter, Cabin
Altimeter, Cabin and Differential Pressure
Airspeed, Standard
Airspeed, True
Airspeed, Mach
Airspeed, Max Allowable
Mach and Airspeed Sensors
Mach Airspeed Warning Switches
Rate of Climb (Vertical Velocity)
IVSI (Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator)
Barometric Switch
Altitude Switch
Magnetic Compass
8 Day Clocks

Gyroscopic Instruments

Directional Gyros (Vacuum and Electric)
Horizon / Attitude Gyros (Vacuum and Electric)
Auto-Pilot Directional Gyros (Vacuum and Electric)
Auto-Pilot Horizon / Attitude Gyros (Vacuum and Electric)
Flight Director Gyros
Slaved Gyros
Vertical Gyros (Remote Gyros)
Turn Coordinators
Turn and Slip (Turn and Bank)
Auto-Pilot Rate Gyros
Horizon Situation Indicator (HSI)
Attitude Directional Indicator (ADI)

Electrical and Electronic Engine Instruments

Load Meter
Frequency Meter
Tach Generators
Engine Gauge Units (3 in 1)
Engine Clusters
Fuel Quantity Indicator
Pitch Trim Indicator
Horizontal Stabilizer Indicator
Aerilon Indicator
Autosyn Synchro Indicators
Hydraulic Pressure Indicator
Pneumatic Pressure Indicator
Suction Gage
Oil Pressure Indicator
Oil Temperature Indicator
Oil Temp / Oil Pressure Indicator
Torque Pressure Indicator
Manifold Pressure Indicator (Single and Dual)
Manifold / Fuel Flow (Pressure) Indicators
Fuel Pressure Indicator
Fuel Flow Indicator
Position Indicators
Position Transmitters
Autosyn Indicators (Synchro Indicators)
Magnesyn Indicators
Magnesyn Transmitters
Outside Air Temperature Indicator (OAT)
Turbine Outlet Temperature Indicator (TOT)
Inlet Turbine Temperature Indicator (ITT)
Measured Gas Temperature Indicator
T5 Indicators
Exhaust Gas Temperature Indicator (EGT)
Battery Temperature Indicator
Carbide Air Temperature Indicator
Cabin Temperature Indicator
Tachometer (Signal, Dual, Triple)
Propeller Tachometer
Percent Tachometer
Prop Synchroscope Indicators