Clearance Delivery Phone Numbers and Where to Find Them

Good news! The FAA has made filing IFR flight plans easier.
They recently completed a modernization effort eliminating the need to contact Flight
Service to activate a flight plan. Before, flight plans needed to be relayed
through the Flight Service “middleman” in locations where ATC could not be
directly contacted — such as a non-towered airport. Now the FAA has developed a
network of clearance delivery phone numbers pilots can call to activate an IFR
flight plan from more remote airports before getting airborne. It is meant to
expedite the clearance delivery process and reduce the chance for errors.

These new clearance delivery phone numbers are now published
within the FAA Chart Supplements. Our team has incorporated these documents natively
into not only our, FltPlan Go and Garmin Pilot apps, but also many
of our popular avionics solutions, such as the GTN 650/750, GPS 175/GNX 375/GNC
355 navigators, G1000 NXi and more. It’s an easy and convenient way to find
these phone numbers when preparing for a flight. Plus, on your smartphone, you
can even select directly from the, FltPlan Go and Garmin Pilot apps,
and dial out to clearance delivery representatives who can help activate an IFR
flight plan. We’ve even taken convenience one step further if your aircraft is
equipped with one of our audio panels enabled with BLUETOOTH technology — such
as the GMA 345 or GMA 350 series. Pilots can wirelessly pair a compatible
smartphone running one of our apps to select headsets and call clearance
delivery straight from the cockpit.

iPad Pro with Garmin Pilot and the airport information feature selected
Clearance delivery phone numbers can be found within the airport information page using Garmin Pilot.

Finding Clearance Delivery Phone Numbers

Clearance delivery phone numbers can be found within many of
our avionics solutions or portable devices that feature the AOPA Airport
Directory. This includes, FltPlan Go, Garmin Pilot, aera 660, TXi
series flight displays, G1000 NXi and more. On Garmin Pilot from your
smartphone, simply select Airport Info, then Information. The
applicable clearance delivery phone number will be listed in the Phone
section. Clearance delivery phone numbers are only available at
non-towered airports where ATC cannot be directly reached via radio.

Garmin aera 660 showing airport information
Clearance delivery phone numbers can also be found in the AOPA airport information within select portable devices, including aera 600

For additional information about clearance delivery phone
numbers and Garmin aviation products, please contact our award-winning product
support team at

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