Appareo Intern Spotlight: Ander Sawchuk

Our intern in the spotlight this month is Ander Sawchuk, a business analyst intern at Appareo. He began his internship in October 2017 and is currently attending NDSU, majoring in Finance, Global Business, and Spanish. When we asked what he’s learned so far during his internship at Appareo, Ander said:

My prior internships usually taught me one or two specific skills, or were good exposure to professions I hadn’t experienced before. However, my time at Appareo has taught me about myself and my personality.

This internship has shown me that if I’m not challenged every day at work, I would be wasting my time. My internship at Appareo has done that for me and then some. It is an honor to clock in every day and work with people that are much more intelligent than me.”

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