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Prop Talk Webinar Series


Our Prop Talk Series continues! Join Kris Garberg, President of Appareo Aviation, as he walks through some Stratus Insight tips and tricks, specifically showing features like the Vertical Weather Profile, Radar Forecast, and how to submit PIREPS. There will also be an interactive Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

Please note: It will be helpful to have a Stratus Insight account so you can interact with the app during the webinar, so be sure to take advantage of our 30 day free trial! You can find Stratus Insight in the Apple App Store.

Click here to register for the webinar.

*Registration is limited


ATC Radio Transcription & Playback is available with Stratus Insight

This new AI technology is the baseline for exciting features we have in our app roadmap, which is focused on creating a safer, more convenient way to fly.

When paired with a Stratus Audio Cable, the ATC Radio Transcription feature works similar to visual voicemail. ATC communications are converted into text and displayed directly above the audio playback line, providing a helpful visual assist for referencing previous audio clips. This enables pilots to receive a clearance, ATIS, or other important ATC communications without needing to write them down.

The speech recognition and language understanding technology that drives the Radio Transcription feature was custom-designed by our Artificial Intelligence (AI) division.

At a global scale, speech recognition, translation, and transcription features are commonplace (e.g. Alexa and Siri). However, ATC communications present many challenges for these common speech recognition systems. The high rate of speech, noisy signal, narrow frequency band, and unique location identifiers are among those challenges. We identified that shortfall in the existing technology and set out to develop a speech recognition system customized for aviation. 

We also use Natural Language Processing to interpret the output of the speech recognition system and present it in a more pilot-friendly format. For example, tail numbers, altitudes, runways, and frequencies are transcribed in a way that will be more helpful to pilots.

Comparison example:

A typical speech recognition system Appareo’s custom aviation speech recognition system
Altitudes one zero ten thousand 10,000
Call signs November two two eight four quebec N2284Q
Runway Runway three six one eight runway 36 18
Frequencies one two zero point four 120.4

The Stratus Audio Cable available to purchase and is necessary to enable the Radio Transcription and Playback features. For more information, visit www.stratusinsight.app.

Download Stratus Insight today and take advantage of our 30 day free trial.


So, how does Stratus Insight compare?

We’ve put together a features table comparing Stratus Insight, ForeFlight Pro Plus and
Garmin Pilot so you can see how Stratus Insight compares with other flight apps.
$99.99 / year $199.99 / year $149 / year

Stratus Insight vs. ForeFlight

1. Stratus Audio Cable required
2. Improved time and fueling calculating is available with ForeFlight Performance Plus ($299.99/annually)
3. Detailed Aircraft Performance Profiles is available with ForeFlight Performance Plus ($299.99/annually)

We’re offering a 30 day free trial so you can see for yourself.

Download the app today!