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Appareo Releases New High-Power Type-A and Type-C Charging Port, Stratus Power Pro


Appareo Releases New High-Power Type-A and Type-C Charging Port, Stratus Power Pro

TSO’d and now shipping, Stratus™ Power Pro safely and reliably powers the devices that pilots have come to rely on in the cockpit.

FARGO, North Dakota (September 9, 2020) – Appareo today announced the release of Stratus Power Pro, the latest product in its line of TSO-certified USB charging products. Stratus Power Pro features dual 3.0 amp USB-A and USB-C connectors for interface with both legacy and new portable electronics. The charging ports are backlit for easy location in low-light conditions. Stratus Power Pro was designed to provide 20% more power than the original Stratus Power, providing sufficient fuel to fully recharge smartphones and tablets even while they’re in use.

“The emergence of Appareo’s line of certified power products was born from experiences with our popular line of Stratus ADS-B receivers. Our customers were experiencing NAV/COM noise from radio interference caused by their cheap charging electronics, which was worrisome and potentially unsafe,” said Kris Garberg, President of Appareo Aviation.

“Unfortunately, TSO’d power chargers were hard for our customers to find at a reasonable price, so our goal with this product line was to provide the best-value charging ports with minimal amount of installation time, to reduce the total cost,” said Garberg.

Like the original Stratus Power, the new Stratus Power Pro was designed with a cylindrical shape for easy drill-in installation with a common step bit. This design reduces installation costs while providing a professional, clean-looking installation. Additionally, connectors on Stratus Power Pro are backwards compatible with Stratus Power, allowing for easy swap out for current customers choosing to upgrade.

“Now, with the emergence of higher power, higher performance tablets and EFBs that are more important to our customers than ever before, having a safe, continuous power source for their devices has grown from a convenience to an absolute necessity,” said Garberg.


  • Dual 3.0 amp charging ports, USB-A and USB-C
  • Blue LED lighted front
  • 56 oz, 1.848” w x 1.848” h x 1.263” d (depth includes mating connector)
  • FAA certified to TSO-C71
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • 5-year warranty backed by Appareo

The release of Stratus Power Pro builds on Appareo’s legacy of affordable, high-quality Stratus electronics with another industry-leading capability and price point backed by a fantastic team, brand, and warranty. Stratus Power Pro is now shipping and available for purchase from an authorized Appareo dealer, or from the Appareo webstore: appareo.com/store.

Learn more at stratusbyappareo.com.

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