GFC 500/GFC 600 Autopilot Approvals Expanded

We are pleased to announce our GFC 500 autopilot will soon receive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certification (STC) in the Cessna 182RG. Additionally, FAA STC approval is imminent for the GFC 600 autopilot in the Piper PA-46 310P/350P JetPROP and Socata TBM 700/850. When properly equipped, the GFC 600 also offers new features in the TBM 700/850, including Emergency Decent Mode (EDM) and Low Bank Mode.

autopilot approvals

GFC 500 and GFC 600 deliver superior in-flight characteristics, self-monitoring
capabilities and minimal maintenance needs when compared to older generation
autopilot systems. The GFC 500 is intended for single-engine piston aircraft,
while the GFC 600 is intended for high performance piston single/twin-engine
and turbine aircraft that have a wide range of speed and performance

Garmin GMC 507 controller for GFC 500 autopilot.

models to soon be approved for the GFC 500 autopilot include:

  • Cessna

    • Models:
      R182, FR182, TR182

models to soon be approved for the GFC 600 autopilot include:

  • Piper

    • Models:
      310P JetPROP, 350P JetPROP
  • Socata

    • Models:
      700, A, B, C1, C2, N (TBM 850)
Garmin GMC 605 controller for GFC 600 autopilot.

GFC 600 Features

the approval of the GFC 600 autopilot in the TBM 700/850, new features will be
introduced to GFC 600. Low Bank mode helps increase passenger comfort by
automatically lowering the autopilot roll limit at higher altitudes. A separate
switch may also be used by the pilot to activate/deactivate Low Bank Mode at
any altitude. Additionally, GFC 600-equipped TBM 700/850 aircraft will also
feature Emergency Descent Mode (EDM). In the event an aircraft loses cabin
pressurization, EDM is capable of automatically descending the aircraft to a
preset altitude without pilot intervention to help avert hypoxic situations. In
addition to the GFC 600 autopilot, a G600 TXi flight display is also required
to receive these new autopilot features in the TBM 700/850.

The GFC 500 autopilot will soon be available for the Cessna 182RG in August. The GFC 600 autopilot in the TBM 700/850 and PA-46 310P/350P JetPROP is also expected to be available in August. We continue to broaden the aircraft approval list for the GFC 600 and GFC 500 autopilots. To view the most up-to-date aircraft STC list, or to view a list of certification programs that are expected to begin in the next 12-months, visit or For additional information, visit

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