Garmin Avionics Team Wins 18th Consecutive Aviation International News Award

For the 18th year in a row, Aviation International News (AIN) has dubbed Garmin the Overall Average leader in the Flight Deck Avionics segment in the AIN 2021 Product Support Survey. Garmin also received top rankings in every category of the survey, which are: Cost Per Hour Programs, Parts Availability, Cost of Parts, AOG Response, Warranty Fulfillment, Technical Manuals, Technical Reps and Overall Avionics Reliability.

AIN’s annual Product Support Survey is based exclusively on feedback from users of business jets, pressurized turboprop airplanes and turbine-powered helicopters. The survey is password-protected to ensure that only qualified readers are able to give input — meaning the results are based on unbiased, professional opinions of 1,450 avionics systems evaluations.

In the past year, the Garmin avionics product support team has worked hard for the top ranking. Lee Moore, the Garmin director of avionics product support, reports that new projects include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • The expansion of self-service opportunities with more video and frequently asked questions content if a customer prefers these options over direct phone or email support (both of which are still always available to those who prefer person-to-person interaction).
  • The addition of staff to our customer support and distributor support teams, which allows for increased coverage during peak demand hours, more internal training options and expanded weekend operating hours.
  • The automation of our field quality reporting process to expedite the flow of feedback directly from aircraft owner/operators, service centers and installers to the correct Garmin engineering team.
  • The addition of virtual training offerings and a bolstered eLearning library so installers and pilots can continue to receive access to the best education even when pandemic restrictions hinder in-person training options.

To read AIN’s full survey report, click here. To contact our award-winning product support team or to access our library of eLearning materials, click here.

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